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Tina LaPorta [New York, NY]
Mixed Media

Tina LaPorta is a media artist who lives and works in New York City. Her most recent work has been created specifically for the web. The overall conceptual focus of her artwork is an "exploration of the impact the internet has on the expression of identity." Tina creates art which comments on our lives and the shifting perceptions of ourselves in technological age. Ms. LaPorta has been commissioned by the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Alternative Museum and to create web-specific art projects.

Since 9/11 Tina has been developing a new body of work titled Total Screen. in this work, she takes polaroids off the television screen. She focuses on how we are experiencing the recent events in Afghanistan and the Middle East through the news media, at a distance. She pays special attention to representations of gender via the veil, hijab, burka or chador. The gender differences between the veiled woman and the covered man is of particular significance. However, an additional reading of the work is of the media as veil, or an attempt to unveil (see through) the media.