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Jean Shin [New York, NY]
Jean Shin was born in Seoul, South Korea. She recieved both her BFA (Painting, 1994) and MS (Art History, 1996) from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

In her work, Jean accumulates massive quantities of commonly discarded objects and transforms them into new forms that refer to the presence and the absence of the body. She is attracted to certain found materials — like the excess fabric from altered pants, a single sock left behind in the laundromat, or stockings scarred with runs — because they embody a certain history of dysfunction, rejection and abandonment. Her work celebrates these imperfections as a natural part of life.

With her chosen material, she undergoes a repetitive, labor-intensive process that often involves sewing, tearing, braiding or other intimate actions that reveal the hand at work. Conceptually, her goal is to preserve the identity of these everyday remnants, while bringing them into a new context within her art.

For more information about the artist, contact:

Jean Shin